Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink

These brilliant, pigmented India inks are lightfast, waterproof, non-clogging and non-toxic. They are available in 1 oz. dropper bottles.

Set 1 - Contains the following colors yellow, bright red, red, magenta, grass green, green, teal, blue, violet, brown, black, and white

Set 2 - Contains the following colors golden yellow, orange, tangerine, crimson, cherry red, red violet, aqua, turquoise, yellow ochre, terra cotta, van dyke brown, and sepia.

COLOR SWATCHES: Use for reference only. If true color is needed, please use the actual product.
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12x.5oz Transparent Color Set 1 DR800851 12x.5oz Transparent Color Set 1 (List Price :$38.50)            $38.50 Buy Now
12x.5oz Transparent Color Set 2 DR800852 12x.5oz Transparent Color Set 2 (List Price :$38.50)            $38.50 Buy Now
Aqua 1oz DR80081519 Aqua 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Black 1oz DR800800 Black 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Blue 1oz DR800802 Blue 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Bright Red 1oz DR80081510 Bright Red 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Brown 1oz DR800806 Brown 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Cherry Red 1oz DR80081517 Cherry Red 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Crimson 1oz DR80081516 Crimson 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Golden Yellow 1oz DR80081513 Golden Yellow 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Grass Green 1oz DR80081512 Grass Green 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Green 1oz DR800804 Green 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Magenta 1oz DR800805 Magenta 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Orange 1oz DR80081514 Orange 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
DR800801 Red 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Red Violet 1oz DR80081518 Red Violet 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Sepia 1oz DR80081524 Sepia 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Tangerine 1oz DR80081515 Tangerine 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Teal 1oz DR80081511 Teal 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Terra Cotta 1oz DR80081522 Terra Cotta 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Turquoise 1oz DR80081520 Turquoise 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Van Dyke Brown 1oz DR80081523 Van Dyke Brown 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Violet 1oz DR800808 Violet 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
White 1oz DR800807 White 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Yellow 1oz DR800803 Yellow 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now
Yellow Ochre 1oz DR80081521 Yellow Ochre 1oz (List Price :$4.75)            $4.75 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 26 (of 26 products)
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