Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paint Marker

Applied on glass and crystal, the transparency of Vitrea 160 colours allows you to take full advantage of the light. However, Vitrea 160 can be applied on other thermostable surfaces which can withstand a temperature of 160°C (325°F).

Vitrea 160 are ready to use colours. Available in liquid, paste or felt tip markers, the Vitrea 160 colours display the same characteristics and properties. Either used alone or together, you are completely free to experiment with the effects and techniques of the paints. The glossy or frosted appearance of the colours provides an infinite variety of light and shadow effects. After baking, colours are exceptionally intense and glass seems to be bodydyed.

To thin colours, use the Vitrea 160 thinner. Gloss and frosted medium are used to lighten the colours without changing their technical characteristics ; iridescent medium, when mixed with colours, produces iridescent colours. To obtain a crackle finish, first apply the crackling medium step 1, followed by the step 2 and then paint over with colour.

Before painting with Vitrea 160, simply degrease with alcohol or soapy water. Allow to air dry for 24 hours, then bake in an ordinary domestic oven. Place the decorated object in a cold oven. Once the temperature has reached 160°C (325°F), allow to bake for 40 minutes. After baking, colours are dishwasher safe and resistant to detergents and common solvents.
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Frosted - Anise 119097 Frosted - Anise (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Azure Blue 119095 Frosted - Azure Blue (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Gitane Blue 119094 Frosted - Gitane Blue (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Lemon 119090 Frosted - Lemon (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Marker Pink 119092 Frosted - Marker Pink (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Mint 119096 Frosted - Mint (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Neutral 119098 Frosted - Neutral (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Frosted - Purple 119093 Frosted - Purple (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Bengal Pink 118083 Glossy - Bengal Pink (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Black 118088 Glossy - Black (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Emerald 118085 Glossy - Emerald (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Paprika 118081 Glossy - Paprika (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Pimento Red 118082 Glossy - Pimento Red (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Sandalwood Green 118086 Glossy - Sandalwood Green (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Turquoise 118084 Glossy - Turquoise (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now
Glossy - Yellow Sun 118080 Glossy - Yellow Sun (List Price :$6.95)            $6.95 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products)
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