Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics - 16oz Jars

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4412127 Heavy Body Acrylic BURNT SIENNA - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412128 Heavy Body Acrylic BURNT UMBER - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412892 Heavy Body Acrylic CADMIUM-FREE ORANGE - 16oz (List Price :$89.99)            $67.49 Buy Now
4412894 Heavy Body Acrylic CADMIUM-FREE RED MEDIUM - 16oz (List Price :$91.99)            $68.99 Buy Now
4412890 Heavy Body Acrylic CADMIUM-FREE YELLOW MEDIUM - 16oz (List Price :$66.99)            $50.24 Buy Now
4412186 Heavy Body Acrylic DIOXAZINE PURPLE - 16oz (List Price :$54.99)            $41.24 Buy Now
4412224 Heavy Body Acrylic HOOKERS GREEN HUE PERMANENT - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412234 Heavy Body Acrylic IRIDESCENT BRIGHT GOLD - 16oz (List Price :$54.99)            $41.24 Buy Now
4412239 Heavy Body Acrylic IRIDESCENT RICH SILVER - 16oz (List Price :$54.99)            $41.24 Buy Now
4412244 Heavy Body Acrylic IVORY BLACK - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412276 Heavy Body Acrylic MARS BLACK - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412292 Heavy Body Acrylic NAPHTHOL CRIMSON - 16oz (List Price :$54.99)            $41.24 Buy Now
4412310 Heavy Body Acrylic PAYNES GRAY - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412316 Heavy Body Acrylic PHTHALOCYANINE BLUE GS - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412330 Heavy Body Acrylic RAW SIENNA - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412331 Heavy Body Acrylic RAW UMBER - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412432 Heavy Body Acrylic TITANIUM WHITE - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412430 Heavy Body Acrylic TRANSPARENT MIXING WHITE - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412380 Heavy Body Acrylic ULTRAMARINE BLUE GS - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now
4412434 Heavy Body Acrylic UNBLEACHED TITANIUM - 16oz (List Price :$39.99)            $29.99 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 products)
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NYC-based and Locally-owned, DaVinci Artist Supply has served students and professionals for more than a decade as “Your Independent Creative Resource.” We are a discount retail store offering Art Supplies and Artist Materials including: Acrylics, Oil Paints and Watercolors; Paint Brushes, Canvas and Linen on the Roll; Printmaking and Decorative Papers; Drawing and Drafting Pencils, Charcoal, Oil and Soft Pastels; Copic Markers, Prismascolor, Faber-Castell, and Kuretake products; Relief and Screenprinting Inks, Basswood and Balsa Wood, Gold Leaf and Hard-to-find specialty items. Note, though we carry many of their products, DaVinci Artist Supply is not affiliated with da Vinci Brushes, or Da Vinci Paint Co. Inventory may vary by location.