Lascaux Artist Acrylic Gouache

Lascaux gouache is truly different. It's unique from all others. Developed by color experts, in consultation with teachers and professional artists, Lascaux artist quality acrylic gouache is richly hued, light-fast and non-bleeding. When diluted with water, colors remain luminous and clear.

Compatible with all Lascaux painting system colors and mediums. Pure, intense pigments. Highly concentrated and economical to use. Remains flexible and resoluble when dry. Suitable for all absorbent supports.

COLOR SWATCHES: Use for reference only. If true color is needed, please use the actual products.
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Black 85ml 30-310-326 Black 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Bordeaux Red 85ml 30-310-307 Bordeaux Red 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Bright Red 85ml 30-310-305 Bright Red 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Brillant Green 85ml 30-310-318 Brillant Green 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Carmine Red 85ml 30-310-306 Carmine Red 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Cobalt Blue 85ml 30-310-312 Cobalt Blue 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Deep Brown 85ml 30-310-324 Deep Brown 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Emerald Green 85ml 30-310-317 Emerald Green 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
English Red 85ml 30-310-322 English Red 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Golden Yellow 85ml 30-310-302 Golden Yellow 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Green Yellow 85ml 30-310-319 Green Yellow 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Lemon Yellow 85ml 30-310-301 Lemon Yellow 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Light Blue 85ml 30-310-314 Light Blue 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Light Gray 85ml 30-310-325 Light Gray 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Magenta 85ml 30-310-309 Magenta 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Orange 85ml 30-310-303 Orange 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Prussian Blue 85ml 30-310-313 Prussian Blue 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Raw Umber 85ml 30-310-320 Raw Umber 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Rose 85ml 30-310-308 Rose 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Silver 85ml 30-310-331 Silver 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Turquoise Blue 85ml 30-310-315 Turquoise Blue 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Ultramarine Blue 85ml 30-310-311 Ultramarine Blue 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Venetian Green 85ml 30-310-316 Venetian Green 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Vermillion 85ml 30-310-304 Vermillion 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
White 85ml 30-310-327 White 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now
Yellow Ochre 85ml 30-310-321 Yellow Ochre 85ml (List Price :$22.30)            $17.84 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 26 (of 26 products)
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